Thursday, January 17, 2013

Southern Exposure: Kerrick Jackson on SEC Recruting; Box Top; Horses>Cups ...

Mizzou Enters the World of SEC Baseball (Prep Baseball Report)
... In terms of recruiting kids, “Based on need, our goal is to get the best players out of the state of Missouri year in and year out and as we move forward to get the best players from the Midwest,” said Jackson. “We also look at the mental toughness part, getting kids who are tough, hard nosed players. Maybe all of the players we get will not be high profile guys, may not be the No. 1 or No. 2 ranked players, we want to get players who play the game the right way and understand the failure aspect and play through that.”...
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LSU's Alex Box Stadium
Photo by Shoshana
♦ Word on the Tweet from @LSUBaseballProb
Alex Box Stadium is ranked no. 70 among Top 101 Stadium Experiences in the U.S....ranked ahead of 5 MLB Stadiums on the same list #whoa
The List (

♦ Check out the videos and updates on Vanderbilt's annual Omaha Challenge at
Vanderbilt returned to classes on Monday, January 7 and the Commodores wasted little time in getting back to business beginning the team's annual Omaha Challenge on Wednesday afternoon.

The competition opened with a creative new team event in the Bar Carry. Each of the four teams were given two weight bars (40 lbs. each) and had to transport eight teammates forty yards down the field and back before the next teammate could be toted down the field. Essentially, a human relay race. Strategy and weight definitely came in to play as Team Lupo took home the title.

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3

2013 Gators Preview - Part 1: New Identity (Gator Country)
In the past few seasons, “Sully” sent several batters up to the plate who could change a game with one swing. While this season’s club has a few who can club it, the make-up of the squad will be much different offensively.

“Every year your offensive philosophy changes to the personnel you have,” O’Sullivan said. “This year’s personality is different from last year’s because the personnel is different. For us to try to run a lot last year, that was not the strength of our team.

“This year, it could be and it should be for us to be successful.”
Of the 75 home runs hit last season, 61 were hit by players that are no longer with the team. Of the 360 RBI, 245 were hit by former players. That accounts for 81.3 percent of the homers and 68 percent of the RBI from a year ago...

♦ Kentucky's answer to the Ole Miss Red Solo Cup Races:

♦ The new Ole Miss video promo is big on glower-power:


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