Thursday, December 6, 2012

SxSE: Vandy Baseball

♦ Hawkins Field
  • Opened:  2002
  • Capacity: 3,700
  • Name after: Charles Hawkins III, donor and supporter

 ♦ Vanderbilt is the only private school in the SEC, with a student body around 12,000. They do not have a separate Athletic Department. The sports program operates under the Department of Student Life.

♦ The Commodores are named for shipping and rail magnate "Commodore" Cornelius Vanderbilt, who provided Vanderbilt its initial endowment in 1873 with a $500,000 donation.

♦ Vanderbilt and Missouri have never played one another in baseball.

Video: Vanderbilt Baseball Coach Derek Johnson on Recruiting ( sheds light on the unique approach required to recruit for a school like Vanderbilt.  There's also a video with Derek Johnson about what Vanderbilt Baseball has to offer.

♦ Good video tour of Vanderbilt Baseball's facilities:



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