Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mid-December College Baseball Deprivation Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder (as in not-baseball-season) has hit me like a ton of linebackers, so here's some good reading to hopefully heckle my heavy heart into some starting day cheer:

Finally starting to feel like baseball season (College Baseball Lineup)
Now that the temperature is starting to fall it is starting to feel more and more like opening day here in Monroe. It is always funny to me that baseball players are referred to as the “boys of summer” when anyone who has been apart of college baseball can tell you that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is always that first cold day that lets me know that the season is approaching quickly. . .
ESPN leading a college baseball resurgence? (
In the past few seasons, ESPN has improved their broadcast quality. Instead of a retired big leaguer who may not have seen a college game all season thrust in to call a postseason game, now the opportunity is there for an announcer to broadcast college games all spring. Some announcers are even college-only guys - dedicated to follow the sport and understand the nuances that make the sport different from the pay-for-play variation.

There is no coincidence that the commitment to a better college baseball product coincided with the bat and pace changes.

"The new bats are TV friendly," Rooney added. "It makes it easier to put on TV. You have to save a four or five hours versus three hours or less. And I don't think we have lost the excitement. The style of play changed but we haven't lost the drama."

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Revisiting 2008 recruiting class rankings (Baseball America) shows you really never know just how good any given recruiting class will be.

Distiller's Dozen: Maker's Mark made me do it (College Baseball Today) has lots of good links to other recent stuff on the web about college baseball.

♦ If you're really, truly, totally desperate for college baseball, you could fly to the Dominican Republic and watch this.

♦ And this will get your blood pumping...

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