Sunday, December 9, 2012

SEC Fan's guide to Mizzou Baseball: Mizzou Online is the official website of the Missouri Tigers. It's pretty standard fare for a D-1 program. In the past couple of years the Mizzou Network video feature has ramped up their game, providing live and archived video coverage and plenty of features and interviews.

♦ Beyond the nuts and bolts and in-house videos of, you're looking at the best online source for Mizzou Baseball info online:  That's not so much a brag on my own blog as it is an acknowledgement of the fact that nobody else covers MU Baseball all that much. is the most active message board for Mizzou fans.  Fans of the Tigerboard will tell you it's the best place to learn what's really happening in Mizzou athletics before it ever reaches the traditional media.  Critics of Tigerboard have been known to call it a "cesspool".  The Tigerboard All Sports Board is the most active forum for discussion of Mizzou Baseball, as well as all other MU sports besides football and basketball.  The other boards are also interesting and entertaining.  The Shack which is "off topic" board, can be entertaining, but is not for the faint of heart.

RockMNation is the SBNation site for Mizzou.  It's one of the best online sources for info and discussion of all things Mizzou.  They focus on football first, then basketball.  Of the other sports, they've come to focus on MU Softball more than anything else.  They do cover other MU sports, including Baseball.

PowerMizzou is the Yahoo/Rivals site for Mizzou.  If I were a big MU Football fan, I'd pony up the subscription price, because Gabe DeArmond and his writers have earned a reputation as being the most knowledgeable source for MU Football recruiting information.  But they don't pay much attention to Mizzou Baseball, so I don't pay them.

♦ Local media outlets online:
  • The Columbia Tribune is the independent evening newspaper in town.  The Trib has a beat writer, Matt Nestor, for MU Baseball and offers up game day reports and occasional features.  They now have a pay wall, so you're limited to how many articles you can read per month without paying.

  • The Columbia Missourian is operated by the MU School of Journalism, and is the morning paper for Columbia.  Being a vehicle for teaching student journalists, there is a new beat writer for MU Baseball every year.  It says something about the internationally recognized quality of the MU J-School that the beat writer of the year is almost always really good at it.  They often get the scoops and great features because they're eager and hungry for the by-line.  The Missourian also now has a pay wall, which limits all archived content to subscribers.

  • The Maneater is a student-run campus newspaper that is not directly under supervision of the J-School.  Because of that, it has been somewhat of a wild cannon at times of the years it's been in operation.  But over the past few years, their coverage of Mizzou Baseball has been remarkable.  In fact, over the past two years, I'd rank them as the best local media source for great MU Baseball news and features.

  • KBIA Sports Extra is the online blog platform for the J-School's radio station, 91.3 KBIA, an NPR station.  Depending on the season and the beat-writer of the year, their features are also pretty good.  They are known for some great photographs and unique analysis and graphics.

  • The major market newspapers in Missouri, The Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, would have difficulty proving they are aware that Mizzou has a D-1 Baseball program, and demonstrate regularly that they are clueless about the growing popularity of college baseball.

  • The local ESPN radio affiliate, KTGR, carries the live stream (free) of MU Baseball play-by-play, and they also have a sports talk show every afternoon Monday through Friday and on Saturday mornings, which is available in live streaming.

  • KFRU, a local News/Talk station, has a sports talk show every afternoon Monday through Friday from 4-6 PM called The Closers, which is available in live streaming.  It's a good source for MU Athletics info and occasional interviews and discussion of MU Baseball.  

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