Thursday, March 1, 2012

HI NOTES: Seasons Tweaking, Ballplayers Tweeting, SEC Bleeding


Big Ten might take look at summer baseball (AP)
Minnesota's John Anderson, the winningest baseball coach in Big Ten history, is pushing for his conference to break away from the NCAA's traditional February-to-June schedule and play when the weather in the northern climes is more favorable. In short, the Big Ten's boys of summer would be on the field in summer.
. . .
The Big Ten is instead working on a proposal that would allow teams across the nation to play up to 14 non-conference games in the fall. The results of those fall games would carry over to the spring for consideration in the NCAA tournament selection process.

A team choosing to play in the fall could resume its season later than the current mid-February start date and avoid those expensive trips to the Sun Belt. Proponents say northern teams could build a stronger RPI, the key component weighed by the selection committee, because they would have more home games.


Find out what's up with Ball State Baseball, the team and the players, by following this Ball State Baseball Twitter List:!/trripleplay/ball-state

And from the Mizzou Baseball Twitter List, a few tweets from current, former and future Tigers:

@CoachPietro: After trial run of walkout songs during today's IS game, my bet for the fan favs go to: @DEverett16 @BGsmooth07 @salbelf22 and EA...

@DEverett16: Hitting is so much better when you have a walkout song. #HereIGoAgain

@CaseMunson: Like it or not, there is something fierce in the heart if every man.

@EASports44: A cowboy rode into town on Friday, stayed 3 days and 3 nights and left on Friday.. how is this possible??

@MStitesSD: Last day in Missouri! Off to Phoenix for spring training in the morning. #guessillstartpacking

@philanthropy27: Well como, it's been fun. Time to start the journey that is #springtraining

@D_Trainn23: gettin on the mound tomorrow, it's time to impress some folks


For those who think SEC Baseball is a top-to-bottom powerhouse conference, check out this message board post by's Boyd Nation:  The Race to the Bottom
For this year, and this year only, there's a fun situation that could cost someone his job -- only two teams will miss the SEC tournament (OK, all the non-SEC teams will miss it, but that's not the point here). Missing it will be such a shameful thing that it could cost someone his job -- there are at least five SEC coaches that I could see being let go if they missed it, and it would be six if I didn't think the national title bought Palmeiri an extra year or two. It's hard to divine truth from the dreck that is preseason SEC schedules, but here are the "contenders", I think:


I'm guessing this isn't the last we'll hear about Longtime Baylor Assistant Mitch Thompson Reassigned(
Baylor baseball assistant head coach Mitch Thompson has been reassigned to another position within the athletic department, head coach Steve Smith announced Wednesday.

“This decision was made after much prayer and deliberation,” Smith said. “I believe it to be the best decision for all concerned.”

Fourth-year volunteer assistant coach Trevor Mote has been promoted to full-time status for the remainder of the season.

Thompson joined the Baylor staff prior to the 1995 season and was promoted to assistant head coach in 2010. In accordance with its policy, Baylor athletic department officials will have no further comment.

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