Saturday, March 31, 2012

HI NOTES: From the Cheap Seats

@Hunter_Mense: Tremendous effort from the Tigers today... I get goosebumps watchin stuff like that!

@B_Turner18: Unbelievable game today. Great win with everyone battling. #winaseries #hewasout #MIZ

@MUTigerBaseball: Everyone is asking if he missed the plate. The ump called him out, so I assume he missed the plate.


  • W: Memo to SawDog ---> the safety squeeze can be your friend; don't have to suicide squeeze every time. Everyone in the black & gold dugout knew there was a high probability of Bratsen bunting; it was not a coincidence that Mizzou called for a pitch away. Of course this is the dilema Bratsen presents to the offense. His average is down around .230 and he rarely gets a conventional hit . . .the problem today was the lack of "element of surprise." As in there was none. Mizzou has a smart coaching staff. The tigers were ready for that.
  • OleArmyBQ68: Big XII Umpires Want to give us a fond farewell
  • LuketheDrifter: We'll continue to get screwed in the SEC (everyone does...) but at least we'll be making a lot more money and will be a part of a marquee conference. Screwed by the SEC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>screwed by the Big 12.
  • gts96: Are you dumbasses forgetting we are playing another team moving to the SEC with us ?
  • OleArmyBQ68: I know mizzou is gone also, but which team is a more important loss to the big xii? A loss that impacts the potential livlihood of a big xii ump?
  • musket: Someone take a picture of the hand swipe across the plate and send it to the Big 12 office for proof that this clown missed the call.

♦ from Tigerboard:

  • MizzouAstro: Lost in the end of game excitement was how awesome Holovach was AGAIN today. Dude is a stud.
  • MizzouAstro: Emens with a huge appearance today. Thats what seniors are for. Though I have NO idea who will start tomorrow. Cline or Platts I have to think.
  • MizzouAstro: The runner was there about 2 full seconds before the ball. the umpire ruled that he never touched the plate, but it REALLY looked like he did. The aTm announcers were complaining that there was a dirt slide mark across the plate.

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