Friday, March 9, 2012

HI NOTES: Let's play FOUR !!!!


Check out this video of MU's #1 Fan:

♦ And if you're looking for an entertaining baseball video, check out Baseball Trick Shot

@MUTigerBaseball: Tiger fans come on out to Simmons Field at 6PM for GM1 of a 3 game series vs. @NinerBaseball #MIZ

@jimshorts923: @MUTigerBaseball @NinerBaseball dont you mean 4 game?

@trripleplay: Lets play 4!! @MUTigerBaseball @NinerBaseball Tiger fans come on out to Simmons Field at 6PM for GM1 of a FOUR game series

@CoachPitero: 6PM can't get here soon enough #scoretosettle #MIZ

@trripleplay: I just realized I may have my choice of many seats in the second game of Saturday's double header. MU vs KU hoops? #loyal to @MUTigerBaseball

@Ross_THE_Boss40 (49er Ross Steedley): Just had a severely intense warmup/stretch and impressive display of backside bombs w/@LilTonechi14 and @ShaneBrown_1 here at The Zou.

@LilTOnechi14 (49er Tony Montalbano): @Ross_THE_Boss40 the #Zou can't contain you #yourake

Mental game give Missouri's Turner a big edge (Columbia Tribune)
"The things he does for us are things you have to really watch" to see, MU Coach Tim Jamieson said. "You have to be around him a lot, because it's the intangibles."

The senior captain from St. Charles gives his pitchers enough of what they want to keep them comfortable while cajoling the best effort out of them every night to keep them confident.

"Ben's a stud. Not only his ability behind the plate, but his mind and what he brings to the table as a leader," freshman pitcher Brett Graves said after he threw four shutout innings Tuesday against Nebraska-Omaha.

MU freshmen choose Tigers over pros (The Maneater)
According to coach Tim Jamieson, the credit for Graves and Platts coming to Columbia lies less with his recruiting strategies and more with the inner motivation of the pair.

“I think both of them recognize the fact that they want to go to college, and they weren’t offered enough money to take that away,” he said. “So it was not so much what we talked to them about, I think the situation pushed them to college.”

Now that the talented duo is here, Jamieson is excited at their future prospects.

“The reason they’re drafted is because of their talent level, and also how good they can become,” he said. “I think you’ll see it as the year goes along. Our pitching depth will be much better.”

♦ From the Boston Globe: Asked if he had a “sleeper’’ in camp, {Red Sox Manager] Valentine said he didn’t have one per se, but he likes what he has seen from pitcher Doug Mathis, calling him “a very interesting young man.’’


Top 25 College Baseball Coaches in the South (Dixie Fried Sports)

Profs consider backing NCAA antitrust exemption (Sports Illustrated)
A group of professors seeking reform in college sports wants to explore the possibility of an antitrust exemption, which could allow the NCAA to better regulate spending on coaches' salaries and other costs.

The Coalition On Intercollegiate Athletics met in January, and this week released five policy recommendations made by its steering committee.

All the proposals dealt with finding ways to rein in what many on the committee view as the runaway costs of college sports and the outsized influence sports have on campuses.

The NCAA antitrust exemption would generate the biggest change of the COIA recommendations but would also be the most controversial because it would require Congressional approval.

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