Thursday, March 22, 2012

A closer look at the 2013 SEC Baseball Schedule

SEC Releases 2013 Conference Spring Sport Schedules (

Here's Mizzou's conference schedule for 2013.  Home Games Bold
3/15-3/17 South Carolina at Missouri
3/22-3/24 Missouri at Tennessee
3/29-3/31 LSU at Missouri
4/5-4/7 Missouri at Georgia
4/12-4/14 Missouri at Vanderbilt
4/19-4/21 Florida at Missouri
4/26-4/28 Auburn at Missouri
5/3-5/5 Missouri at Texas A&M
5/10-5/12 Missouri at Alabama
5/16-5/18 Kentucky at Missouri
  • MU's conference schedule begins in mid-March and continues every weekend all the way through to the end of the season.

  • The 10-week SEC schedule means that MU's non-conference schedule will be shorter.  The 2013 opening day will be February 15th, which leaves room for just 4 non-conference weekend series prior to the beginning of the SEC schedule.  In 2012, MU has played 5 weekend non-conference series, and will have another one in May, against Memphis.

  • The increase in conference games at the cost of non-conference can be both a positive and a negative

    • Negative:  The team will have a shorter window to play a lighter schedule early in the season in order to shake out the starting lineups and get the winter doldrums out of their bats and arms.  At the point MU was playing High Point in 2012, they will be hosting the 2009/2010 national champion South Carolina Gamecocks at Taylor Stadium.

    • Positive:  The extra two SEC series will serve to boost the Tigers' 2013 strength of schedule and RPI more than playing High Point and Memphis will in 2012.  This is likely the reason why the SEC likes to play 10 conference series.  Some in the conference have pushed for an 11-series conference schedule.

  • The MU Marketing people shouldn't have to work too hard to convince fans - both students and townies - to come on out to Taylor Stadium for the Tigers' home schedule against the SEC.

    • MU opens with a series against USC, a team that has won the past two College World Series, and will very likely be a strong contender for that same title in 2012.

    • LSU comes to town for the next home series, a team that is not at its historic peak, but carries a lot of name recognition, and pulling power.

    • Florida comes to Simmons Field next, and will likely be wearing the title of reigning national champion to go with its perennial contender status.

    • Auburn isn't as big a heavy-weight, but the team that spawned Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, Gregg Olson and Tim Hudson should be an attractive draw.

    • Kentucky comes to town for the final weekend.  The Wildcats have been the historic doormat of the SEC, but in 2012, at this point, UK is 22-0, having already won their series against the Gamecocks.  they are an up-and-coming-possibly-already-arrived team in the SEC, and they will be the prefect final foe for 2013.

  • The two teams that are the toughest in the SEC, and are also the longest trip from Columbia, are both coming to Taylor Stadium in 2013.   Mizzou gets to take on South Carolina and Florida in front of a home crowd.

  • The Tigers play all six teams in the SEC East (USC, UGA, UF, UT, UK, VU), plus four of the 7 teams in the West.

  • The SEC is saying the format and plan of future SEC schedules (in all sports) will be re-evaluated between now and the release of the 2014 schedule, so the rules that governed the 2013 schedule may not stay the same for 2014.
  • Let's just say that Ray [Tanner, USC Head Coach] is not at all happy about opening in Columbia, MO next season. (

  • Would've liked to see us play Missouri next year. (

  • Dang, Mizzou gets SC, Florida, and LSU all at home! (

  • They are going to pack literally dozens of fans into their stadium!! (

  • . . . playing at Faurot Field before May isn't the most comfortable of experiences. Cold and Windy! (

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