Friday, April 22, 2011

Mizzou Baseball Game Day: Tigers feast

■ #Baylor drops the opener of a home series against #Missouri, 4-2. #Tigers have an RPI of 131. This is clearly a must-win series for #BU. (@KendallRogersPG on Twitter)

■ “It’s not (a must-win series), because we won’t get anything if we win it,” he said. “Must wins, for me, are when you get a ring. We’re not there yet. . . ." (Baylor Coach Steve Smith, quoted on

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  • I don't even care if we win this game, it's so obvious these guys are just going thru the motions. a comedy of errors over the last month. never seen so many stupid errors at this level

  • Missouri's starter tonight had an ERA of 9 and they were 2-9 in conference!? Supposedly the team had a serious players-only meeting and this is the result? We've now lost 11 of our last 15. Pitiful.

  • Wow, and Misery has an even crappier record than us.
Tigers feast on Bears defensive errors, weak offense (The Lariat)
Smith’s unhappiness with his team’s flyouts surfaced in the box score as well. The Bears flied out nine times, at least once in every inning except the fourth.
Conversely, Missouri feasted on Baylor’s errors and stuck to its own game plan for the win. The Tigers first got on the scoreboard in the fifth. Jonah Schmidt, one of only two batters in Missouri’s starting lineup with at least one home run this season, knocked a leadoff double and advanced to third on a sacrifice bunt. He scored with Brannon Champagne’s RBI single.

The Tigers scored again in the seventh using two singles, a sacrifice bunt and a RBI groundout.

“You have to be able to execute. That’s all [Missouri] did was execute,” Smith said. “The team that executes best is going to win the game. It’s not really rocket science.”

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