Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mizzou Baseball Game Day: Kansas Jayhawks @ Kaufmann

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Baseball team shows signs of maturity after defeating Baylor (, April 3)
The Kansas baseball team brought its four-game losing streak to a screeching halt as the Jayhawks won two of three games over No. 19 Baylor at Hoglund Ballpark this weekend.

The Jayhawks showed signs that their young roster is maturing and improving during their three-game hitting spree.

“I think were growing up,” coach Ritch Price said. “Now that’s we’ve played over 20 games, our younger guys are starting to mature.”

Kansas baseball makes progress (, April 3)
As it were the brooms wouldn’t be needed. The Baylor hitters broke through and defeated Kansas 12-3. A five-run lead in the top of the third inning seemed to take the air out of a still young Kansas ball club and end the hopes of a three-victory weekend.

“It would have been outstanding. It would have said a lot for our team,” junior catcher James Stanfield said. “I honestly can’t explain how we have two really great games and then just one where it just seems everything is going wrong.”

An admittedly-disappointed coach Price offered his explanation, saying bluntly “it’s a lack of maturity.” He again pointed to a lack of experience and toughness.

Baseball can't get offense going against Missouri State (, March 30)
The Jayhawks traveled to Springfield, Ill [trrip note: Kansas journalists don't know Missouri State is in Springfield, Missouri, apparently]., with hopes of turning around their three-game losing streak, and correcting their woes at the plate. Instead, they were shut out in a 6-0 loss to Missouri State.

The Jayhawks came into Wednesday’s game with a focus on being able to knock in runners once they get on base. They finished the game having left eight runners on base.

“We did get nine hits and two or three balls were hit hard,” coach Ritch Price said.
. . .
With the senior leaders beginning to pick up the pace, coach Price hopes the rest will follow.

“Hopefully those three seniors will keep swinging the bat, and take pressure off of the younger guys,” Price said. “It’s almost contagious; we just need somebody to get a clutch hit. Once we do that I think the second one and third one will follow.”
Jayhawks look to seniors for strength (
Lytle admits, as a senior and a leader, that the other details, apart from swinging the bat, matter just the same.

“When things aren’t going your way, you want to make sure you show every day that you still got that confidence and that little bit of swagger in you,” he said.“When you come to park every day, those younger kids can learn that, OK, he might have had a bad day yesterday, but he’s coming in here every day playing hard on defense, running the bases hard and doing everything else he needs to do.”

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