Saturday, August 15, 2009

MLB Draft Signing Deadline News

Royals and Aaron Crow (, 8/14)
Crow's side is waiting for the Royals to admit they can afford a little extra money to sign a guy who would immediately become the organization's best pitching prospect, and, depending on how you judge such things, best overall prospect. An AL scouting director told me before the draft that Crow is good enough that, had he signed with the NatInals last year, there's a good chance he'd be in the big leagues right now.

Meanwhile, the Royals are waiting for Crow's side to say, hey, $3 million (or $2.5 million, or $3.25 million, or...whatever) is a lifetime worth of wealth and this is an organization we're comfortable with, and who are we kidding?

Crow rejects KC's $3 million offer (CJOnline, 8/13)
Keith Law, of, reported Thursday that Crow had rejected Kansas City's offer, much as he did a year ago in turning down what the Washington Nationals said was a $3.5 million offer. Crow, the ninth player taken by the Nationals in the 2008 draft, played Independent League baseball in Texas after declining to sign with Washington, and consequently was eligible for the draft again in 2009.

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