Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mizzou Baseball in the Minors

Suitcase Chronicles: An Unexpected Ending is Garrett Broshuis' latest Baseball AMerica Prospect Blog:
After six and a half years in the organization, Brooks' stint with the Giants ended in a period of a few seconds. A sight I have witnessed far too many times was repeated once more: my catch partner, my road roommate, and one of my last best friends in the organization slowly packed his things and walked out the door.

That evening, driving home from the ballpark, I felt a little more alone, and missed my wife a little more. True friends are priceless in this emotionally exhausting game. I'll surely miss him, as he won't be easily replaced.

The article also mentions that Brosh is now on Twitter, where you can see a picture of what he claims to be a new moustache:

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