Monday, August 3, 2009

Draft Update: 2 Weeks to Deadline

7 Tigers and 5 recruits were selected in the MLB Draft in June. The deadline for drafted players to sign is August 17th, two weeks from now.

Since the mid-August deadline was put into place a couple of years ago, it has been pretty normal for a lot of drafted players to not be signed until the last weeks/days/hours before the deadline, as the MLB organizations and the players and their agents play the long negotiation waltz.

Here is an update on the status of MU's draftees to this point:

Aaron Crow: Kansas City Royals, 11th pick in the 1st round: Still unsigned.
• As recently as July 7th, talks were reportedly ongoing between Crow and the Royals (

• There was rumor that Crow had already reached an agreement, but that it was being held up by the Commissioner because of being excessively over slot. For more on that rumor see No need to fret (
Kyle Gibson: Minnesota Twins, 22nd in the 1st round: Still unsigned

Kyle Gibson waits out injury, negotiations with Minnesota Twins (

Trevor Coleman: Seattle Mariners, 9th round, 263rd pick overall: SIGNED

• Currently with the Everett Aquasox
Kyle Mach: San Francisco Giants, 27th round , 807th pick overall: SIGNED

• Currently with the Arizona League Giants
Aaron Senne: Minnesota Twins, 32nd round, 972nd pick overall: Still unsigned

Senne likely to turn down Twins (
Ryan Lollis: San Francisco Giants, 37th round, 1107th pick overall: SIGNED

• Currently with the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes
Greg Folgia: Cleveland Indians, 40th round, 1205th pick overall: SIGNED

• Currently with the Mahoning Valley Scrappers
MU Recruits

Eric Anderson: Houston Astros, 28th round: Still unsigned
• Anderson and his family have restated their strong commitment to Eric being a Tiger this fall. People close to him confirmed that to me again following his name coming up in the Draft. I would be very surprised if a 28th round pick pulls him
away from that commitment.
Ryan Crowley: Chicago Cubs, 36th round, 1093rd pick overall: Still unsigned
• There was a rumor that academic problems might keep Crowley rom coming to Mizzou
Dane Opel: Washington Nationals, 41st round, 1222nd pick overall: Still unsigned
Opel will wait
( "It'll be a late decision this summer, that's even if they offer me anything," Opel said. "It's going to take quite a bit to get me away from Mizzou. I really want to go there. It'll be up to the Nationals if they really want me. "
Scott Sommerfeld: Cleveland Indians, 46th round, 1385th pick overall: Still unsigned

Blake Brown: Pittsburgh Pirates, 48th round, 1435th pick overall: Still unsigned

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