Friday, August 7, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

Matusz takes smart road to big leagues (

. . . Meantime, Aaron Crow, picked just five spots behind of Matusz ("Mat-tis") in last year's draft (Crow was No. 9 overall, Matusz No. 4), is in the second summer of holding out. He refused to sign with the Washington Nationals, went back into the draft, was picked by Kansas City in the first round this year (No. 12 overall) ... and still thinks the bonus money he's been offered is cheesy and insulting.
. . .
Crow -- and, perhaps, Strasburg, if he doesn't play it smart -- right now is in danger of becoming the next Matt Harrington.
Calling Aaron Crow (
Here is where I will ask the question for you. Who, or what, in the world is preventing the 6’3” right-handed fireballer from reaching the professional ranks?
. . .
In a business that considers hard throwing pitchers over-the-hill around the ripe old age of 33, it would behoove Aaron Crow to sign a contract now and begin making the green he so stubbornly desires. One wonders how much money he lost in the long run while playing for peanuts in the Independent League. None-the-less, Crow now has plenty of time to weigh his options and negotiate his demands now that the deadline has been waved for the Royals. Fans are beginning to wonder if we will ever hear him behind Greinke and Hochevar. Time will only tell.

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