Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Draft Deadline Signings (and not)

Gibson signs, Crow still talking, Senne unsigned, all Mizzou recruits decline to sign with the pros

Twins work late to sign first rounder (Minnapolis Star-Tribune)

The Twins signed first-round draft pick Kyle Gibson to a $1.85 million signing bonus Monday, beating an 11 p.m. deadline by about 10 minutes.
. . .
The commissioner's office slot recommendation for the No. 22 pick was about $1.29
million, and as deadline approached, the Twins had barely budged from that number. Gibson had hoped to sign for about $2.5 million but made a big compromise at the end.

"I'm really excited about the deal, and I think it's going to work out perfect for both sides," Gibson said. "For me, it was never about making more money than the other guy. I understood, being the No. 22 pick, I was going to take a discount. But I didn't want to take the discount unless they were willing to come my way as well."
Kansas City now focused on signing top selection Crow (MLB.com)
With Myers and Dwyer signed and accounted for, the Royals can now focus on signing first-round pick Aaron Crow, who played independent ball this spring and is out of collegiate eligibility and therefore isn't subject to Monday's deadline.
. . .
This year, Crow's deadline-exempt status brings another new element into negotiations. Technically, the Royals have until a week before next year's Draft to sign Crow, but, of course, would like to see a resolution happen much sooner than that.

"There is no deadline," Moore said. "We'll just continue to expect to reach an agreement and continue to do our very best to get a deal done. You always want to get your players out playing and obviously that hasn't happened in Aaron's case. We'll see what unfolds in the future."

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