Friday, June 19, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes: Many happy returns?

Drafted juniors Folgia, Senne contemplate return to MU (Columbia Tribune)
“I gave up after like the 36th round,” Folgia said in a phone interview yesterday. “I went to Fuddruckers with some of the guys, so I didn’t know when it happened. I got a phone call, ‘By the way, Greg, you were taken in the 40th round.’

“I’m like, ‘I’m eating a cheeseburger right now. I’ll call you later.’ ”
. . .
When the Twins, the team [Aaron Senne] rooted for growing up in Rochester, Minn., drafted him, it made things a little more intriguing. He’d also be favorable to teaming up in the minors with Gibson.

“They definitely know how to make my life and my decisions hard,” Senne said of the Twins, who had previously drafted him out of high school, as well. “I think if it wouldn’t have been the Twins this late, I’d probably be leaning toward coming back to school — almost for sure — already.”

Folgia yesterday said the Indians had made him an offer of $150,000 and that he hopes to have his mind made up in early July.

“Hopefully, I’ll think the same thing two days in a row and be able to make a decision,” said Folgia, who hit .326 while leading the Tigers with 12 home runs and 70 RBI. “Right now, every other day, I’m thinking something different.”

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The Columns blog reviews the 2009 MU Baseball season in part two of A banner year for the Mizzou athletic department:
With on field success the University of Missouri continues to impress, but truly bringing out the meaning of student athlete, the baseball team did its part in the classroom as well. Mizzou placed ten players on the Big 12 academic all-first team, leading the Big 12 in first teamers and second in overall selections. Seniors Kyle Mach and Scooter Hicks lead the way, followed by underclassmen Kyle Gibson, Trevor Coleman, Aaron Senne, Ryan Ampleman, Nick Tepesch, Andrew Thigpen, Kelly Fick, and Phil McCormick.

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