Saturday, June 27, 2009

Off Season but On Line

Here's a handy list of online sources for information for the off-season Mizzou Baseball fan: Sign up and create your own personal player tracker. Your personal page will track both daily stats and season stats for your personal list of players, both in the Majors and Minors (but not independent leagues), and you can view your players’ daily, basic season, and expanded season stats at any time on the player page. Players are also sortable by name, level, or any stat you like, so you can see how your players are stacking up across levels. The only drawback: You can't have your personal player tracker info sent to you daily by e-mail. Check HERE for a list of former MU players in professional ball.

Minor League Transactions: Every Tuesday around noon, Baseball America posts an updated list of transactions in the Minor Leagues, so you can see who has been promoted, demoted or released.

Minor League GameDay Audio: provides quick links to dozens of minor league teams' online streaming audio. Tune in and listen to Evan Frey's Mobile BayBears or Nathan Culp's San Antonio Missions.

2010 Schedules: The College Baseball Blog reports on every NCAA team that releases its schedule for the coming season. While you may not care all that much about Centenary's 2010 schedule, you can find out if they're scheduled to play Mizzou next year (they're not). By check the CBB (or by methodically looking up every D-1 website over and over again for months, like I do) you can slowly piece together MU's 2010 schedule.

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