Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MLB Draft Day 2: Coleman, Mach, Anderson

■ Trevor Coleman was drafted today by the Seattle Mariners, the 2nd pick in the 9th round, 263rd pick overall.

Kyle Mach was drafted by the San Francisco Giants organization in the 27th round , the 807th pick overall. The giants were one of the organizations that expressed a strong interest in Mach during the season.

Eric Anderson, MU recruit from Mountain Vista High School in Colorado, was drafted by the Houston Astros in the 28th round. On Monday, he and his family restated their strong commitment to Eric being a Tiger this fall. People close to him confirmed that to me again following his name coming up in the Draft. I would be very surprised if a 28th round pick pulls him away from that commitment.

■ No other MU Recruits were chosen in the top 30 rounds of the draft. This includes Dane Opel, who was forecast as a possible top 5 or 10 rounds draft pick. I can only assume Opel told the scouts he is intent on being a Missouri Tiger.

■ Also not taken in the Top 30 rounds are current Tiger leaders Greg Folgia and Aaron Senne. I had heard rumors that Folgia was making it clear to scouts he intends to return for his Senior year at Mizzou. And Apparently Senne had expressed a strong reluctance to sign a contract if not taken in a higher round. While Aaron had a season short of expectations (including his own expectations), it seems very unlikely to me that he would have slipped all the way through 30 rounds unless teams considered him unsignable outside the early rounds.

It will be interesting to see just who is on the roster of the 2010 Tigers.

There is another day of the Draft tomorrow, during which several other current Tigers and Tiger recruits may be chosen.

These are a few of my favorite things (Kansas City Star). MUST READ !!!!
The Royals drafting a Mizzou Tiger in the first round is truly combining two of my favorite things in life. It feels almost like I'm drinking a Guinness while munching on Arthur Bryant's burnt ends while listening to Led Zepplin while watching Padme Lakshmi inhale a Western bacon cheeseburger. As there is a strong Utopian streak in my world view, it got me thinking how the Royals could field an all-Mizzou starting rotation. It's simple . . . .

Read the rest
Crow, Gibson make it an MU double dip (Columbia Tribune)
“I’ve been a Royals fan forever,” Crow said in a phone interview this morning. “I was excited when they picked me. When all those other teams didn’t draft me, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was excited when it happened, and I’m happy with how it worked out.”
. . .
“It’d be cool, too, to see Gibson and Crow hook up in a game or a series in Minnesota or Kansas City,” Missouri Coach Tim Jamieson said.

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