Thursday, June 11, 2009

MLB Draft Quotes & Notes

This Crow doesn't taste so bad (Rany on the Royals)
The thing is, on pure stuff Crow might actually have a slight edge on Hochevar. Hochevar had better sink on his pitches, but Crow’s velocity is a tick better. Both rely on sliders as out pitches; it will be interesting to see whether the Royals force Crow to emphasize his curveball during his development as they did with Cool Hand.

Also, the fact that Crow went to college in Missouri and high school in Kansas gets back to the idea of knowing your backyard better than anyone else. Presumably the Royals have a better feel for Crow - his family, his work ethic, his health record - than most teams do. If they don't, they're doing something wrong.

Also keep in mind that if you’re still a believer in Project 2010 – and given the way the Royals are playing, I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t – then Crow has the ability to be ready for a rotation spot as soon as this time next year. He’ll be the best pitching prospect in the organization the minute he signs.
■ The M's just picked Trevor Coleman, a catcher, out of Missouri. He switch-hits too. Scouts have had plenty of time to see him, as he's handled pretty much every big college arm to come through the state in the past few years. He fell off the boards this year with a disappointing follow-up to an exciting collegiate summer league showing. (

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