Thursday, April 16, 2009

March MVPs & Dissecting Johnny Wholestaff

■ Voting has concluded in our You Make the Call poll for Feb-March MVPs. Ryan Lollis took the lead early for the position player voting, and he never gave up that lead. Kyle Gibson and the ubiquitous Johnny Wholestaff ran a neck-and-neck race for a while, but the singular Gibson won out in the end.

Johnny Wholestaff, our runner-up for pitching MVP, has become the talk of the Mizzou Baseball fan base - and the talk of college baseball watchers nationwide as well.

And no wonder. After Wednesday's 12-2 victory over Indiana State, Johnny Wholestaff is now 9-3. The detailed stats: 109 IP, 97 H, 46 R, 36 ER, 2.97 ERA, 33 BB, 81 SO.

JW has averaged 8.08 hits per game, 3.83 runs, only 2.75 BB, 6.74 SO and 127.08 pitches thrown.

But Johnny Wholestaff does not exist (disregarding the photo we posted of him earlier). He is actually a combination of individual pitchers. How have those individual participants distinguished themselves in JW's 12 games?

■ Most JW games started: 6, Ian Berger

■ Most JW games as closer: 6, Brad Buehler

■ Most innings pitched in JW games: 11, Kelly Fick & Tyler Clark

■ Least pitches per inning in JW games: 11, Nick Tepesch (2 IP); 12, Ryan Allen (2-1/3 IP); 12.37, Buehler (10-2/3 IP); Most pitches per inning: 35. Gibson (1 inning), 18.92, Andrew Mueller (4-1/3 IP), 18.52, Folgia (7-2/3 IP)

■ Least hits surrendered per inning in JW games: .47, Buehler; Most hits per
inning: 4, Gibson (1 IP); 1.88, Brian Carr (2-2/3 IP)

■ Best ERA in JW games: 0.00, Kelly Fick (11 scoreless innings, 1 at a time); Worst ERA: Gibson, 35 (1 IP)

■ Least walks per inning: 0, Nick Tepesch (2 innings), .09, Ryan Gargano (10-2/3
IP); Most walks per inning: 0.92, Andrew Mueller (4-1/3 IP)

■ Most Strikeouts per inning: 3, Gibson (1 inning), 1.08, Phil McCormick (8-1/3 IP)

■ Most consistently appearing in the same inning: Ryan Clubb, 5th inning, 8 times in a row

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