Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mizzou Baseball in the Minors

Elbow surgery impedes progress of Senne (Columbia Tribune)
Senne, a 10th-round draft pick in 2010, is in the early stages of rehab after ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction — the procedure more commonly known as Tommy John surgery — and will miss the entire 2011 season.
. . .
Another six-week downtime was suggested, but Senne decided that wasn’t in his best interest. He already was going to miss a good portion of this season, and if the injury hadn’t healed or even tore completely he would still need the operation.

So Senne opted for the surgery and the long, grueling rehab . . .

A stop with the T-Bones can be part of a long baseball journey (Kansas City Times)
“You almost think that your life is over,” James said.

So on the brink of peeling off his jersey for good, he decided to give it another go. He turned to one of the few places he could play, the independent leagues, and signed with the T-Bones, a team close to his Oklahoma roots.

That season, he watched other teammates and independent leaguers question how they had wound up at this point in their careers.

“You really can’t think like that,” James said. “When you’re in independent ball, really everybody is the same. It’s the last straw, and that’s why independent ball is so great.”

James showed up at the ballpark every day, thankful . . .

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