Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mizzou Baseball in the Majors

Players I Love (, Matthew Berry)

Max Scherzer, P, Tigers: I am not rational when it comes to Max Scherzer. Let's just move along. (He does have a 1.66 ERA over his past three, though. Just saying.)

Kinsler, Henderson and the "Ideal Leadoff Man" (
While Kinsler has a higher career ISO than Henderson (Kinsler is in a a more power-friendly environment, and those numbers include Rickey’s decline years), Henderson did have several seasons with isolated power over .200. So much for that aspect of the ideal.

Ian Kinsler has been the Ranger most valuable player according to WAR so far this season. He’s also been an excellent leadoff man, and Rangers manager Ron Washington is to be commended for hitting him there most of the season after last season’s curious Elvis Andrus obsession. Kinsler may not be Rickey Henderson . . .

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