Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mizzou Baseball in the Majors: Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler: Will the Texas Rangers ever rediscover his offensive potential? (
He is becoming a better situational player.

Now don't get me wrong, he is not playing the same ball as he was playing in 2008, but he is definitely becoming a better leadoff hitter.

An easy proof of this is his patience at the plate. You want a leadoff guy that will take pitches, make the pitcher work and put up a high on-base percentage. Through 85 games, Kinsler has done just that by drawing 56 walks, which puts him on pace for right around 100 through a full season. In 2008, he had 45 walks in 121 games, and in 2009 he had 59 in 144 games. This has led to an on-base percentage that is the second highest among all second basemen despite having a batting average in the .250s.

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