Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How You Can Help Joplin Tornado Recovery

■ If you're traveling by car to Oklahoma City for the Big 12 Tournament, instead of avoiding Joplin, plan to go through Joplin. Stuff your vehicle with needed supplies to deliver to service agencies there, or just swing through and personally give them your donation. NOTE: Call ahead to find out where you can drop donations without adding to the traffic problems in the center of the city.

■ If you live in Columbia, one place you can donate supplies is Blue Ridge Christian Church, 2400 Blue Ridge Rd. (573)474-8046
Blue Ridge Christian Church is asking for and accepting donations for the people of Joplin. Their biggest need is bottled water, fruit, baby formula, breakfast bars and basic toiletries ... If you can - help ... we're leaving at 9 am on Thursday - drop off items at BRCC from 7 - 7 Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you for your consideration.
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