Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big 12 Tournament Day 2: MU vs. OSU


G5: Baylor (0-1) vs. Texas (0-1), 9 a.m - ELIMINATION GAME

G6: Texas Tech (0-1) vs. Oklahoma, 12:30 p.m - ELIMINATION GAME

G7: Oklahoma State (1-0) vs. Missouri (1-0), 4 p.m

G8: Texas A&M (1-0) vs. Kansas State, 7:30 p.m

Big 12 Tournament Post-game press conference quotes (

  • Tim Jamieson: “We’re a much better team right now than we were when we were in Stillwater. Whether that means anything or not, it’s hard to say but we like where we are. You have to play good teams right now anyway, so I kind of like the law of averages right now.”

  • Tim Jamieson (on the starting pitcher against OSU): “We’re going to start Rob Zastryzny. He threw really well against them last time, and we want to go left-handed.”

  • Jonah Schmidt: “We had a good approach. They kind of gave us a little bit, and we were able to take advantage of it. We built some great at-bats. The pitcher kind of fell into a pattern of starting everybody off with a first-pitch slider. I was able to sit on it. He left it up, and I put it in the gap.”

  • Augie Garrido: "Their two strike hitting was very good. They had hits with 0-2 and with 1-2 counts. They battled. As they battled they got more victories inning-by-inning than we did."
Big 12 Baseball Notebook: Cowboys hide out through storm (

Luis Uribe . . . was on the 10th floor of the Cowboys' downtown hotel when the sirens and alarms began going off.

“I was a little nervous,” Uribe said. “I didn't know what to do. I was panicked.”
. . .
Missouri's Andrew Thigpen, who is from Midwest City, was at home riding the storm out in a bathtub. Tigers graduate student manager Travis Wendte, who is from Moore, was filming the storm, Missouri coach Tim Jamieson said.
Tigers defeat Texas in Big 12 opener (Columbia Tribune)

When a series of storms blew across the state producing a handful of tornadoes Tuesday, Missouri pitcher Eric Anderson went looking for cover at the team hotel.

“I went straight for the basement,” said Anderson, who doesn't see that kind of storm system in his home city of Highlands Ranch, Colo. “I wasn't messing with that.”

St. Louis native Jonah Schmidt wasn't as fazed by the brewing storm.

“There was actually a couple of us out on the parking garage after a while, trying to watch the storm come in,” he said.
■ From the cheap seats:

From Twitter:

  • @tigres09: Should have gone to Bricktown today. Wow, upset city. Mizzou over Texas

  • @CoachPietro: On to the next one... #MIZ

  • @KendallRogersPG: Told you earlier today to watch out for #Missouri over #Texas. Well, the red-hot #Tigers took care of the #Longhorns 6-4. #Horns #Big12

  • @KyleBarbs: great win for Mizzou over Texas in the Big 12 tourny. Keep it going! #Mizzoubaseball


  • warrior: Losing to the last seed Missouri sucks, nothing good happens out of losing IMO. Seeing a trend with Texas Atheletics of early departures in post season.

  • Hook 'Em Danno: Lost to the 8 seed. This is getting old..

  • FWHORN: Like last year, Augie's attitude about this tournament tends to take hold of his players and be evidenced in their play. Just have to hope that the whole National Seed debate was put to rest last weekend taking two of three from aggy.

Cowboy baseball finishes 4th (

What an, ummm, interesting year for Cowboys baseball. In the end we finished 4th, which, all things considered, is pretty good. Did we falter down the stretch- yes, but I think we need to put this season in perspective. First, three weeks ago at best we could have finished 3rd, so we didn't fall to far. Second, this is the first time we have even made the Big 12 tourney in 2 years, which is a huge improvement over last year. I was surprised we lost two against Tech, however, we have not played well on the road, so it probably shouldn't surprise anyone. What does both surprise and worry me is how we have ended the season. We went from 10-5 a few weeks ago to 14-12 to finish. Now I'm no math wiz, but I believe that means we ended the season 4-7. We should have taken the Baylor series and we probably should have taken the Tech series, but oh well.
. . .
No matter what happens, we will most likely make the NCAA tournament, and that help's get this program going again. We should have a full allotment of scholarships next year (the first time in a while), and hopefully we can get back to Cowboy baseball (duh, winning- championships). Also, Frank Anderson is 4 wins away from 300 so all he has to do is win the tourney to get em.

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