Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opening Day Eve Quotes & Notes

Big 12 baseball season opens with a chill (

Teams in the league’s north outposts will step in the batter’s boxes and on mounds when the season starts Friday with precious few outdoor practices.

“I know there’s been bad weather everywhere,” Missouri coach Tim Jamieson said. “We’re glad to get going.”

Hey there! Mizzou Baseball is using twitter! They did last year, too. For a while. Then they didn't. time will tell.

“Obviously losing Tony is one of the most devastating losses in the country for any team,” senior starting pitcher Cameron Selik said Wednesday at the team’s Media Day. “But he will be back, and he’ll be the same guy he was last year. We’ve got enough quality arms and bats to step up and get the job done while he’s out.”
■ Some headline writer at is apparently the only person willing to say in print that the Big 12 baseball season looks bright

Tim Jamieson says unusual circumstances reduced Missouri's roster. "It was an attrition over a couple three-year period of guys that we had signed that never got here in school, and then guys that were in the program who used up their eligibility or signed professionally so it kinda came around where we needed a whole lot of new faces."

Story includes video

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