Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

MU in the Minors

Our suitcase chronicler heads home (Garrett Broshuis (02-04) in

I then approached the TPX baseball bag. It sat at an angle in the bedroom. One strap dangled from its side and displayed a nametag: "Garrett Broshuis, Pitcher." It hypnotized me.

"Garrett Broshuis, Pitcher."

NCAA Baseball

68 Former Division I players on postseason rosters (

There are 68 former Division I players among the 200 major leaguers listed on
postseason rosters.

From the list on that site, here are the players I saw play against Mizzou:
• Ryan Howard, Southwest Missouri State (Phillies)
• Matt Palmer, Southwest Missouri State (Angels)
• Joba Chamberlain, Nebraska (Yankees)
• Brian Duensing, Nebraska (Twins)
• Greg Dobbs, Oklahoma (Phillies)
• Reggie Willits, Oklahoma (Angels)
• Scott Baker, Oklahoma State (Twins)
• Huston Street, Texas (Rockies)
Another great reason to follow college baseball!!

College baseball still needs major changes (

In some ways, the NCAA and conferences have done a nice job of promoting the sport the past few seasons. In other ways such as television contracts and scheduling, both entities haven’t done a good job of putting the sport in a great situation.

It’s my turn to play commissioner in sparking college baseball’s utopia.

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