Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

Practice Report

One fan on Tigerboard.com shares his observations after attending all four games of the Fall World Series:

• Catching - Large group here. New Juco player looks solid. Probably best arm and can swing it from the left side. A lot of combinations back there as well in terms of left, right, and many DH candidates.

• To me, the emerging starters seem to be; Tepesch, Fick, Clark, and Anderson. A lot of guys have done a good job of getting folks out and "wholestaff approach" gave a lot of kids mound time last year, so any number of kids can come out of the bullpen. We don't have a lot of flame-throwers, but kids that throw strikes, compete, etc.

• More HERE

NCAA Baseball

CollegeBaseballToday.com has an interesting interview with this past year's College World Series winning coach (and former college teammate of Tim Jamieson) in Table for Four with Paul Manieri

The hardest part about being a college baseball coach is that you work so hard to recruit a player and in a spur of the moment a team drafts him, throws a bunch of money at him and they sign. And they’re gone. That’s just the way the system is and you have to accept it. If major league baseball really cared about college baseball, they should change that rule. It’s ludicrous. This year I had a kid actually sitting in freshman orientation who had told me earlier that day that he was 100% coming to LSU. Then he got a text message, got up, walked out of orientation and signed with the Philadelphia Phillies.

MU in the Minors

Garrett Broshuis (02-04) had to know this would happen: It doesn't get any more bush league than this (theday.com)

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