Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall World Series

■ Game 2 has been moved up to a 3:30 start time Tuesday due to impending evening rain

Impression of game one of the FWS (Tigerboard.com):
• Blake Brown: speedy guy . . .
• Dane Opel: This kid looks like a stud . . .
• Russel LaFleur: hit the homer that sent the game into extras . . .

More at http://www.tigerboard.com/boards/missouri-tigers.php?message=6966361

Game One Rosters

Mizzou Black

Coaches: Travis Wendte (02-06) & Danny Hill (03-04)

Game 1 Lineup:
Michael Liberto 2B/SS
Jesse Santo SS/3B
Brannon Champagne CF
Jonah Schmidt DH
Ryan Ampleman C
Blake Brown LF
Dane Opel RF
Conner Mach DH/2B
Andreas Plackis DH
Jack Dudenhoeffer DH
Ben Turner 1B

Nick Tepesch Starting Pitcher
Zach Hardoin P
Jeff Emens P
Neil P
Jake Walsh P

Mizzou Gold

Coaches: Dan Pietroburgo (05-07) & Brock Bond (06-07)

Game 1 Lineup:

Kale Gaden RF
Russel LaFleur CF
Aaron Senne 1B
Brett Nicholas C
Andrew Thigpen 3B
Eric Garcia SS
Rex Meyr DH
TJ Schieber 2B
Andre Rodriguez LF
Garrison McLagan DH
Eric Anderson DH

Tyler Clark Starting Pitcher
Ryan Clubb P
Cody King P
Brad Buehler P
Phill McCormick P
Jeff Scardino P

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