Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

■ There's an interesting discussion on the message board at Why not wooden bats?
• I have spoken to bat company representatives who are willing to go on record to state that ash and even maple bats can be made affordable to college programs, which is contrary to popular belief. It has even been mentioned that sponsorships (by bat companies) would grow because of the regional popularity of college baseball in certain parts of the United States.

• By having aluminum bats, the game is quite distinct from pro. Going to wood means college is behind MiLB in talent, playing the same game. If TV isn't picking up MiLB games, what would be the draw to college?I know I put that in ultra-simplistic terms, and I know also that the college athletics have a puritan feel that's compelling. But making the college game more resemble the pro game is a net negative from what I can see.

• . . . we went from burning the enlightened at Salem, to walking on the moon. You have to start somewhere.

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