Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

Taylor Stadium

■ According to MUTigerBaseball @ (aka Luke Cassis):
We have a completed scoreboard in LF. Pretty impressive. Thank you Mr. Alden. Game 2 was sloppy and ended with a big margin for the black

2010 Recruits

■ Turns out that 2010 Recruit Jason Adam is brother to Kari Adam, currently on the Mizzou Soccer team.

Big 12 Opponents

2009 MLB draft takes smaller bite out of NU (

Take out the mouthpiece, Mike Anderson. Your Nebraska baseball program just went 5-for-6 against the Major League Draft — a batting average that will undoubtedly make the Huskers a bigger threat to produce some more impressive
streaks next season.

“The last two years we have just been kicked in the teeth by the draft,” NU’s coach said Tuesday, referring to the fact that 14 of 19 Husker recruits or underclassmen chosen in 2007 and ’08 had opted for the pros.

Less than a week after this year’s early-June talent search, that number went to 15
of 20, when Geoff Baldwin, a first baseman recruit out of Grand Junction, Colo., signed with Kansas City following his 10th-round selection.

But when the deadline for MLB teams to sign their picks arrived at 11 p.m.
Monday, Baldwin stood as the lone wolf, with five others deciding Nebraska was
their best option.

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