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SxSE: Geaux Tigers

LSU's Alex Box Stadium:
LSU Baseball Facility Tour Video at
Alex Box Stadium Grounds Crew does a dance for the crowd in the middle of each game.

♦ Best joke: What do you get when you put 32 LSU cheerleaders in a room? A full set of teeth. (

LSU Baseball Iconic Fans video (

A few quotes about LSU Baseball fans:
  • In the ranking of the most dangerous SEC fanbases to have possession of nuclear weapons, LSU cam ein dead last, as in LEAST dangerous:  "Turns nuclear weapon into Mardi Gras float, mixes plutonium with vodka, passes out."

  • LSU baseball fans are the best because they develop relationships with the players. They know the stats and sometimes even life stories of the players. The proximity between the players and the fans lends itself to a more personal feeling. The athletes don't hide behind face masks and wear loads of pads. They are normal guys who wear a shirt and pants. They are a man's man, donning a baseball cap like an average Joe.

    The Tiger fans make a lifestyle of supporting the team. Their life revolves around LSU's schedule. They travel from all across the state to root for their Tigers. LSU's winning tradition created the unparalleled fans. Five championships will do that to a program. Since the 1990s, no college baseball program has compared to the Tigers. (

  • Spring tailgating is more relaxed and family oriented, McWillie continued.

    "Everybody knows each other. Everybody knows each other's kids," McWillie said. "We look out for each other. We take care of each other. It's just a family. It's a big, big family."
    . . .
    Years ago, Levet and his friends began the tradition of feeding the opposing teams and stadium workers during the weekend series. The tradition has stood the test of time as well as the move to the new stadium.
    . . .
    Wake Forest baseball coach Tom Walter said he has only seen that kind of hospitality in Louisiana.

    "They're the best," Walter said of LSU's fans. "We were very appreciative of that. We had a good time at the tailgate. We got to eat some good home cooking, which I've missed sorely since I've been gone. It was a good afternoon for us." (

  • And do take time to read this entire piece from a business owner near Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha:

     Can We Close the Stadium Without Them?  I Think Not (
    Over the years I have developed relationships with various groups of fans. In particular I love LSU baseball fans. In college baseball they are a particularly avid group of fans, and they support their team like no other.

    I believe they piss purple and gold, either an alternating stream or some kind of candy cane like purple and gold design.
    . . .
    They are as honest and true a group of people as you will meet. Their is not a phony bone in their body. They are self-confident without being arrogant. Boisterous about their team without being obnoxious. And their children are polite and well-behaved to a fault.

    They have been here with their brethren from University of Louisiana Lafayette and Tulane and will cheer them on, when not faced with a conflict. Especially the coon asses as they call the folks from U La La. However, there is no doubt where there real allegiance lies. . .
LSU Baseball's home-cooked schedule: LSU had 37 home games on their 2012 schedule. Only three of LSU's road games were out of conference, and all three of those were within the state of Louisiana. This was an improvement over the 2011 schedule, which had only 2 non-conference road games, both within the state of Louisiana.

The last time LSU played a non-conference away game outside the state of Louisiana was in 2008. that was against Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS, 170 miles away.

This is in great contrast to Arkansas, where we learned they have a school policy against playing in-state D-1 schools.

LSU's oldest rival is Tulane, and that rivalry began with baseball.
It is time once again to renew the oldest of LSU's rivalries (the first game of any sport ever played at LSU was a baseball game against Tulane in 1893, LSU won 10-8) in the one sport at which they remain competent. Tulane hosts round one of the home and home this year which means LSU will spend the night running around on that blasphemous carpet they call Greer Field at Turchin Stadium. Call it "Culture v Agriculture" all you want, Greenies. At least we've mastered what you must consider the most difficult art in the known universe: growing grass, outdoors, in South Louisiana. (

LSU has won the NCAA Division 1 attendance title for 17 years straight.  Or have they?
LSU Baseball Claims 16th Straight National Attendance Title, But The Numbers Are Misleading (
This also gives us another opportunity to discuss the real elephant in the room: These figures are not even close to what's actually happening in these stadiums. LSU's actual home attendance (which is reported on every home radio broadcast and compiled on every game's stat sheet) comes to a total of just 224,228 for an average of 6060 a game and 166,367 in unused tickets on the year. As discussed earlier in the year, at a minimum of $10 dollars a ticket, the $1.66 million dollars made more than covers the last reported figures for the salaries of Mainieri and his two lead assistants which are the highest in the business.

It makes you wonder if LSU is alone in having such a large amount of non-turnout, but due due a lack of available statistics, this matter can't progress any farther than idle speculation. A quick check of the rest of the top five reveals that 3 of them don't keep notes of any kind on actual attendance. Arkansas keeps an estimate of attendance but can't give an accurate number due to a large amount of outfield berm seating (a problem that also makes getting an accurate attendance count at places like Miss. St. and Ole Miss almost impossible)

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