Sunday, August 19, 2012

Missouri Baseball in the Minors: Up the middle with Tepesch, Lollis, and Bond

Tepesch two-hits Drillers for seven (
Rangers prospect has yielded six runs over past five outings

Nick Tepesch has a philosophy that sounds simple enough. Enacting it is more complex.

"Make pitches on my terms," he said. "Not on the hitter's."
. . .
Ryan Lollis was not chosen to move up to Giants in San Francisco to replace Melky Cabrerra (no one really thought he would). But Lollis continues to have the best season of his minor league career. His .327 BA at Triple-A Fresno is the best he's posted among all the many stops along his minor league travels.

Brock Bond is also at AAA Fresno, and, like Lollis, he is putting up the best numbers there that he has ever put up in his minor league career, with a .343 average. His path to the majors is blocked by a surplus of infielders on the Giants' roster.

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