Friday, July 13, 2012

Mizzou Baseball Recruit Alec Rash interview: "Done deal"

****  UPDATE 4:30 PM Friday, 7/13 -  The signing deadline has passed and Alec Rash has not signed a contract with the Phillies.  He will be a Missouri Tiger.

Alec Rash was interviewed yesterday on AM 1700 The Champ (ESPN affiliate in Des Moines)  AUDIO HERE
  • Is there still a chance you'll sign with the Phillies?  All the negotiations have come to an end.

  • You like to do the long toss from foul pole to foul pole.  Was that an issue with the Phillies or with Missouri?   Missouri is 100% all in with long toss, and that made my decision easier.

  • Was it about the money?  It's not about the money, but it really is...My number was $800,000 and they knew that from the beginning. I just felt like that was what it would take to take me away from the great college experience and playing in the SEC and all that.

  • What about playing against the higher competition in the SEC?  I made my commitment before they came to the SEC. When I heard that, I was fine with that. The reason I wanted to play for the Big 12 is because that was a great conference and the reason I chose Mizzou is because its close to home. And now that they're going to the SEC its a better conference and I'm going to be playing against better opponents and its just a great opportunity for me to get better.

  • What are some parts of your game you expect to be working on at Mizzou?  I'm going to work on overall conditioning of my arm, more arm strength. And a change up .. I think with a change up I could be a million times more effective.

  • What do you say to people when they ask  how you could turn down all that money?  I tell them that I believe in myself and in what I'm doing and what Missouri's going to do for me, and I'm going to walk away with a lot more money than that in three years

  • You had a couple of losses down the stretch this season.  Were you distracted?  When the draft came along I was really distracted from my training.  I'm a really strict long toss guy and I missed a good two weeks of that.

  • Can we safely say there's a zero per cent chance a surprise is going to come up before the deadline?  Is it a done deal?  Done deal

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