Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mizzou Baseball Diaspora: Odysseus

Garrett Broshuis, former pitcher / current writer,
with the cunning of Odysseus

♦ Good analysis by former Mizzou Baseball pitcher Garrett Broshuis in Beware MLB, NCAA Joint Venture (Baseball America)
Bud Selig may not have the cunning of Odysseus, but he and his braintrust are not idiots. Baseball's commissioner is entrusted to act "in the best interests of baseball," which really means acting in the best interests of baseball's owners. As a former player and current advocate of minor league players' rights, you can understand my trepidation upon hearing the announcement that MLB is interested in somehow "partnering" with the NCAA to sponsor more college baseball scholarships. . .


Missouri baseball player builds bond with summer host family (Columbia Missourian)
With two full-time baseball players in the house, Richard McGannon splits his free time attending his son’s and Ivory’s games. He said getting to watch Ivory play is one of the most rewarding parts of being a host parent. However, McGannon gets the most enjoyment watching Ivory and Matthew play together.

After watching last week’s MLB Home Run Derby, the McGannons hosted a contest of their own. Richard McGannon pulled out a pitching machine and some yellow Nerf balls. Under the moonlight, Matthew and Ivory spent hours bombing balls over the tall maple trees in their front yard. With the family dogs, Rocky and Kayla, retrieving the balls, they tested each other and competed to see who could hit their ball farthest past the playhouse.

“It’s been a great experience, and I see myself keeping in contact with them for a long time to come,” Ivory said.


Scherzer's Unique Season (Baseball Prospectus)
To date, Scherzer has won eight games, but he has a 4.84 ERA and a 3.80 FIP. And this is despite the fact that his current strikeout rate of 11.0 is well above his career rate of 9.0 and his K/BB of 3.6 is a strong step up from the 3.1 ratio posted last season. It is unknown if (and perhaps unlikely that) Scherzer can maintain these rates across a full season, but if he does, he will join some rather elite company. . .


Former Raven Blake Holovach Off To Fast Start in Pro Career (Coffeyville.edu)
Holovach was assigned to the Mariners rookie league team in Pulaski, Va. In Holovach's first five games, he has not allowed an earned run in eight innings. Holovach has allowed five hits, walked three and has struck out seven in the first three weeks of his pro career.


Mizzou Football, not baseball, but I'll bet Odysseus couldn't do this:

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