Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mizzou Baseball July 1, 2012: MIZ-SEC

The day has finally arrived when the University of Missouri breaks its ties with the Big 12 Conference (which grew out of the Big 8, which was once the Big 7 and before that the Big 6, going back to 1928) and joins the Southeastern Conference.

Some Mizzou fans view this as though it were the equivalent of the Mayans' 12/12/12, the end of the world as we know it.

Other Mizzou fans are unreservedly joyous at joining the mighty SEC.

And then there's the majority in the middle (at least the majority of people I talk to), who accept the move as something that perhaps was necessary, perhaps could have been avoided, but it's the way things are and let's get ready for it.

♦ VIDEO: Alabama Coach Mitch Gaspard talks about the quality of SEC Baseball (

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All I can say is, not once in the past six months have I had any regrets about this. Even as the Big 12 has begun to gain (and then lose, and then gain again) strong long-term traction, there has not been a single second thought. Everything Mizzou fans said they sought in a new conference -- long-term stability, the feeling of equal treatment, et cetera -- was offered to them last fall, and they accepted it. It has been an incredibly freeing experience. As the EXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ rumors continue, I sit back as an impartial observer, not nervous or hopeful or terrified about the impact of any given move on Missouri's long-term health. Mizzou has played its hand, cashed in its chips, and gone to the casino pool. . .
Missouri eager for jump to SEC (AP/
Missouri’s move to the SEC is official on Sunday, ending an association with the Big 12 and its previous incarnations dating to 1907. There’s no looking back. An SEC logo already adorns midfield.

The campus is sleepy this time of year. Yet, there’s unprecedented excitement about the inaugural year in a league that has recently dominated the top tier of college football in particular.

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