Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alec Rash, Missouri Tiger: More details

Phillies, Adel pitcher can't reach deal; Rash will head to Missouri (Des Moines Register, July 7, 12:15 PM)
. . . Mike Rash said the family requested $800,000. He said the Phillies countered with an offer of $500,000 plus $120,000 for college.

“They stayed pretty consistent with their offer,” Mike Rash said.

Rash said his son will finish out the high school season and attend Missouri in the fall.

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KRNT AM 1350 in Des Moines, IA, had ADM pitcher Alec Rash on the air this monring on the Iowa Sports Spotlight program, and asked him whether he will be signing with the Philadelphia Phillies, who drafted him in the 2nd round June, or will he go to college and play for Mizzou Baseball.

From Twitter:
@IowaSportsSpot: ADM (Iowa) High School pitcher Alec Rash tells @IowaSportsSpot that he will not sign with the @phillies and play college ball at Missouri.

Tommy Birch, sportswriter for the Des Moines REgister, confirms on Twitter:
@TommyBirch: Breaking news: Just talked to Mike Rash, father of ADM pitcher and #Phillies 2nd round pick Alec Rash. Says his son will not sign.

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