Monday, April 16, 2012

Where MU stands, What MU needs

Aim High
NCAA Division I Baseball -- RPI Needs Report (
This report lists the record each team would need for the rest of their schedule to finish higher than the team currently in the shown key RPI positions, those that correspond to the various seeding or at large thresholds, assuming that all other teams maintain their current winning percentage. It's highly speculative, since those RPI levels will move up or down, and the committee is highly unlikely to just take the top 8 in RPI for the national seeds, for example, but it can be useful as a rough guide. The report is updated daily around 8:30 AM CDT.

Mizzou is currently ranked 118th.  Mizzou's needs: 
• To reach the top 8, 16, or 32 RPI ranking:  Not statistically possible 
• To reach the Top 45: MU needs to go 18-1 through the rest of the season
After 35 games, MU is 18-17 (.514); 3-9 in the Big 12.
Missouri is in a 4-way tie for last place in the conference, along with Texas Tech, Kansas, and Kansas State.  All three of those teams are on MU's upcoming schedule, as is #3 Texas (ranked #21 PG Top 50).

MU's remaining schedule also includes a pair of games against Missouri State (27-10, #30 RPI, ranked 37th PG Top 50), 2 against Arkansas (25-10, #9 RPI, ranked 16th), and three games with Memphis (16-20, 96th RPI, unranked)
In 2001, after 35 games, MU was 14-21 and 2-8 in the Big 12.  That team rallied to finish the regular season at 24-30 and 11-15 in the Big 12.  If the 2012 Tigers finish this season at the same pace they did last year, they would finish at 28-26.

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