Tuesday, April 24, 2012

HI NOTES: It was the Best of Times. It was the Worst of Times.

The crystal ball is unclear

The Good News:  Between now and the end of the regular season, MU gets to play

  • Texas Tech 3 games (22-20, 3-12 and tied for last in the Big 12; 92nd RPI), 
  • Memphis 3 games (17-23; 118th  RPI)
  • Kansas 3 games (16-25, 4-11 and 7th in Big 12; 168th  RPI)
The Bad News:  Mixed in with that schedule, Mizzou also will face
  • Missouri State 2 games (29-12; 36th  RPI)
  • Texas 3 games (23-14, 11-4 and 2nd in Big 12; 45th  RPI)
  • @ Arkansas 2 games (28-12, 9-9 and tied for 2nd in the SEC West; 16th  RPI)
Worse News:  According to the BoydsWorld.com RPI Needs Report, Missouri needs to go 16-0 to from here on out to finish in the top 45 RPI and have a shot at an at-large bid to the Regionals.

Good News:  Based on his performance against Illinois at Busch Stadium and against Kansas State this past weekend, Brett Graves looks like he's arrived as a legitimate 3rd weekend starter to take up the slack since Eric Anderson went on the shelf.


Saturday Roundup (Baseball America)
College baseball has gone no-hitter-crazy.

Penn State's Steven Hill and Army's Logan Lee each threw no-hitters Saturday—the third and fourth Division I no-hitters in the last four days (Oregon's Jordan Spencer threw one Wednesday, and UC Irvine's Andrew Thurman threw one Friday).
Thank you Baylor, vindication is mine (College Baseball Today)
How huge-o-balls do the Bears got right now? Holy crap! The Bears complete the weekend sweep of Texas A&M with today’s 7-5 win. I couldn’t put anyone else in this position, ‘coz BU was so spot-on all weekend. And plus they make me look like some big swingin’ Johnson by having them No. 1 in my Power Rankings while everyone else had them as far down as No. 17. Egad! (Sorry, self-induced mini-rant there). The Bears also have a Big 12 record 18-game in-conference win streak and a conference-best 24-game win streak overall.

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