Thursday, September 1, 2011

Conference Hokey-Pokey™: What it's all about

Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne, in his Wednesday blog, explained why the Aggies would leave the Big 12. The list didn’t vary from what we suspected -- the departures of Nebraska and Colorado and the Longhorn Network.
What's next for Mizzou?(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
But anything can happen. And committed as it must be to the Big 12, Mizzou thus must have contingencies in mind. It may not have the clout to drive change, but it has seemingly improved its pedigree and moved past last year's fears of ending up in the Mountain West or Conference-USA to become a valuable commodity if it becomes a free-for-all.

Could a Pac-16 be an answer, despite the obvious logistical issues even with eight-team divisions? What about the ever-expanding Big East?

Mizzou has to consider it all, form a strategy and alternatives, but meanwhile know that much is out of its control until the Big 12's next move.
One more move and Big 12 is over (Austin American Statesman)
Go ahead, Sooners. Make the last move that sinks the Big 12.

And it is quite possible, in light of Texas A&M's defection, that your move will be one that politically astute Texas quietly supports while also hoping that it happens quickly. The Longhorns would dearly love the Sooners to take the lead. And much of the heat that comes with it.

Should Oklahoma act upon its earnest desires and seek an invitation to join the Pacific-12 Conference — something I'm fully expecting to happen within days, if not hours — that decision could well be the killing blow to the Big 12 while also providing Texas the political cover to follow suit and ask for admission as well.

About this Big 12 stuff (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
The rumors are again swirling about Pitt being on the list of desired schools but the web-site (a Rivals site) has taken them a step further and said sources are telling them that Pitt is now at the top of their wish list.

I don't doubt that Pitt is at the top of the Big 12's wish list - just like I don't doubt that Notre Dame is at the top of the Big East's wish list, but that doesn't mean either is ever going to happen.

BYU in talks with Big 12 wake of Texas A&M exit (Salt Lake Tribune)
The Salt Lake Tribune has learned that BYU officials have had discussions with Big 12 officials within the past week regarding the school’s interest in joining the conference, and what conditions and assurances it would need to make the jump exactly a year after announcing they were breaking away from the Mountain West Conference.
It is unclear whether the talks have included an invitation from the Big 12.

UH, Rice refuse to campaign for Big 12 (Houston Chronicle)
Athletic directors for the University of Houston and Rice said Wednesday they are closely monitoring conference realignment but remained mostly silent on any desires to join the Big 12.

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