Sunday, September 4, 2011

Conference Hokey-Pokey™: Air Force?

The Air Force Falcons have been mentioned in some circles as a possible candidate for Big 12 expansion. I can't imagine this will happen. They are not consistent competitors on a Big 12 level in any of the major sports. While the Colorado Springs-based academy would expand the Big 12 geographically back into Colorado, they add very little to the media footprint of the conference.

While the Air Force Academy would add some "class" to the conference, in baseball terms they don't offer much else.

  • The Falcons' average season RPI since 200 has been 246th. Their highest ranking was 167th in 2002; their lowest was 290th in 2007. This compares to Mizzou's average of 63rd.

  • The Falcons have not been in the NCAA post-season tournament since 1969.

  • There have been no Air Force Falcons who played in the major leagues.

Big 12 Expansion Targets (Tulsa World)
Why: Immediate academic and national-pride prestige for Big 12 with military academy. Football prestige for AFA.

Why not: Travel hardly ideal. Small TV market, impassionate fanbase. Coaches don't like preparing for military academies.

Chances: 35 percent

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