Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conference Hokey-Pokey™: D-Day for big 12?

A&M domino could fall Wednesday; then tilt-a-whirl really begins (
By Tuesday night, the SEC should know whether it has the required nine presidential votes to extend an invitation to Texas A&M, which sent a conditional withdrawal letter to the Big 12 last week. If the Aggies get the invitation, they will accept and announce as early as Wednesday their intention to join the SEC. Then, things could get wild.
Who's next to jump off the big 12 ship? (Fort Worth Star Telegram)
Adding the three Big 12 schools, linked by adjoining states, would expand the Big East's television footprint into the heartland of the country.

It would also allow Big East commissioner John Marinatto to properly approach the league's television partners about reopening negotiations on the conference's TV contracts, some of which are to expire in November 2012.

After the SEC presidents formally welcome Texas A&M -- expected to happen today -- all eyes, ears, moving vans and T. Boone Pickens accounts will fall upon Oklahoma, as it ponders an expected move to the Pac-12.

With the heart of the Big 12 gutted, that would allow the Big East to follow through on its reported plans to add Kansas, K-State and Mizzou.

The X factor is Missouri.

If the Tigers are an SEC expansion target -- still more a rumor than a possibility -- the Big East would have to replace Missouri in its expansion plans.

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