Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conference Hokey-Pokey™: Cast Your Vote Now

Apparently there a lot of fans, bloggers and even sports "journalists " who think it's up to them to lobby for, stir up excitement for or otherwise determine the outcome of conference realignment. Let's hope the administrators in their academic offices make these decisions in a business-like manner.

♦ Or not . . . If you haven't seen this at the official website of, you ought to take a look. apparently Kenneth Starr (yes, THAT Kenneth Starr), the president of Baylor U, thinks social media tactics are the way to proceed as well. is a "social media campaign started by Mizzou fans to rally support for a move to the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Are we fired up about this? You better believe it!"

♦ Interestingly, if you type in or click on this link,, it reroutes you to somewhere interesting. Apparently the creators of instant websites are fickle.

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