Monday, July 6, 2009

Poll: Publishing names of Mizzou Baseball recruits

A discussion at this weekend brought up (once again) the topic of publishing the names of Mizzou Baseball's signed recruits.

For a number of years now, Tim Jamieson's coaching staff has chosen not to release any information on signed recruits for the program.

I don't know any sort of percentage, but the vast majority of D-1 baseball programs do release that information. Most other MU sports release their recruit signings. For Football and Basketball, signing day is a big event. Football holds a big press conference that has turned into quite a spectacular annual event.

Multiple internet organizations and traditional newspapers expend a great deal of time and space to reporting on potential recruits and signed recruits. Take a look at during football and basketball signing periods. Gabe DeArmond would probably tell us that a significant portion of his subscriber base is due to his in depth reporting on recruiting for those two power sports. I've taken my cue from his site and those like it on what kind of information will draw people to a college sports website.

For some reason, MU Baseball opts out of the hoopla.

And let me say that I fully support the right of Jamieson and staff to make this decision. They're in charge.

That doesn't mean I have to like it or agree with their choice.

Without a doubt the number one comment I get from followers of about my blog is that they appreciate the reporting I do on MU Recruits. The recruits themselves - and their families - contact me and thank me for providing recruiting information.

The most frequent explanation I hear for a baseball program not releasing that information is that they don't want to tip off pro scouts about a good recruit that had been under their radar. As one person wrote, in that discussion:
Actually, the MLB overlooks tons of players. Many of times, pro teams will draft a kid late knowing that no other teams know about this kid. They will still pay him a hefty bonus because his talent merits a higher draft round talent. Look up Will Middlebrooks' story from Texas A&M. Unknown recruit who never got a look from anyone or anything. Once he signed with A&M and the list was released, scouts naturally flocked with interest. This resulted in a hefty signing bonus and A&M losing a great player.
And so I ask this question, because I really do genuinely want to know what you think.
• Should the MU Coaches release this information?

• And if not, then should be digging up and reporting the names and details of MU Recruits?
There are two polls in the left-hand column on this page where you can give me your thoughts. You can click on multiple answers / reasons if you agree with more than one statement on either of the questions. Or post a reply to this blog post. Or join in on the discussion. Or send me an e-mail at

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