Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mizzou Baseball in the Minors: Brosh Back

Garrett Broshuis' (02-04) latest Baseball America blog is a must read for those who know him. Clink the link to Suitcase Chronicles: Keep your bags packed and read the whole post, not just this excerpt:
"Well, I got bad news and bad news," I was told the next day while doing the bucket during BP, baseball's version of the walk of shame. This was not what I wanted to hear. "You're going back to San Jose tonight. And you're going to Double-A Connecticut tomorrow."

I felt like someone had tied me to a road, poured hot asphalt upon me, and taken a steam-roller to me—not once, but a dozen times as if all of the hope left in my seemingly meaningless baseball existence needed to be purged, made flatter than the pre-Columbus earth. I wished more than anything to be given another chance. I hadn't made a good first impression, but being the type of pitcher that can study hitters and adjust accordingly, I hoped to make a couple more starts. This foolish hope expunged, I again couldn't sleep.
Back with Connecticut, Broshuis likes what he sees (
Dodd Stadium is a regular stop on Garrett Broshuis' minor league tour, so he's seen his share of Connecticut Defender teams.

This year's edition has made quite an impression on the veteran minor leaguer since joining the team about a week ago for his fourth stint here in four years.

”You can see how positive of an outlook this team has,” Broshuis said. “I've only been here one week and there's a lot of fight on this team.”

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