Friday, July 17, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes: Cape Cod & Austin

Tepesch aims to improve stock (
Missouri right-hander Nick Tepesch, pitching for Falmouth on the Cape this summer, was a 28th-round selection out of high school, but wanted first-round money and declined to sign with Boston. He has shown first-round stuff in his first two years as a Tiger, but not first-round command, and on Tuesday night his stuff was down as well.
■ Morris blast leads Commodores to 5-4 win (
Nick Tepesch took the mound for the Commodores and had a solid outing, giving up just three earned runs and striking out five over five and a third innings of work.
■ The judge finally throws the book at Augie Garrido. Sort of. Texas Baseball coach sentenced (
Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido was sentenced Thursday to four days in jail for a drunken driving conviction, though he might not serve any time.

Garrido's attorney, Michael Burnett, said Travis County jail officials will decide how long to keep the winningest coach in Division I after he reports sometime before Aug. 15. Burnett said the 70-year-old Garrido received two days' credit when he was arrested and could earn the other two days simply by getting processed.
■ The Austin American Statesman reports the same, only with a long page of reader comments, which are more interesting than the article
By TrophyMom: I am stunned …. not at the sentence, but about my emotions…. I never, EVER though I could feel sorry for someone convicted of DWI. I hope Mr. Garrido’s 4 days fly by quickly, safely, and uneventful

By todd: If only he wouldn’t have pulled the starter in the first game against LSU, he would not be doing any time. We would have had a parade instead.

By Link: What an absurd, ridiculous time we live in. The man has done incredible things with young people. He’s loved by many, respected by even more. I hope MADD, the courts, and the prosecutors are happy. They win again. The rest of us lose, however, and justice is casually thrown out the nearest window. I wish I were as perfect as these do-gooders. Certainly, none of them has ever tasted alcohol, let alone driven drunk.

By Please: It may be 4 days in jail, but after he gets out, OU will still suck.

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