Saturday, October 27, 2012

Southern Exposure: A rose by any other name

South Carolina is considering referring to themselves as . . . wait for it, this is huge . . . South Carolina.

Gamecocks’ success leads to identity crisis for the University of South Carolina (Rock Hill Herald)
Outside of the state’s borders, a pair of common nicknames for the University of South Carolina often are confused with other colleges. Say “Carolina” and fans outside the state think of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Say “USC” and that conjures up the University of Southern California.

A top university leader thinks it may be time for the school to adopt a nickname that avoids confusion – “South Carolina” – and debut licensed products with the new moniker in 2014.
. . .
Roth, the former pitcher, said anything is better than how TV networks now abbreviate the school’s name to avoid any USC/Carolina confusion. ESPN, for example, abbreviates South Carolina’s name as “SCAR.”

“When I see SCAR, I think of ‘The Lion King,’ ” Roth said, referring to the name of the villain in the Disney animated movie.

“We’ve been pretty successful in sports lately,” he said. “Maybe, we’ll get better than the other USC, and then we’ll be seen as the real USC.”
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