Friday, October 26, 2012

Max Scherzer in the World Series: Inspiring

Scherzer inspires Tigers (St. Louis Post Dispatch)
“I have a strong family,” Scherzer told Detroit reporters after eliminating the Yankees in ALCS Game 4. “When that happened, you learn to enjoy the best things in life. You live to be happy. For me, baseball puts a smile on my face, baseball puts a smile on my family's faces, and to be able to go out there and have a moment like this and see them after the game, there's nothing better to be able to share experiences with your family.”

Scherzer’s teammates were fired up by watching him rise above the difficult circumstances.

“Just a fierce competitor,” said Tigers catcher Gerald Laird, who was Yadier Molina’s backup last season in St. Louis. “He’s just a great teammate, and I'm just happy for him that everything's worked out for him. Whatever he's doing, he deserves. He works his tail off, he's always had the great stuff, and now it's all coming together for him. I couldn't be happier for a guy like that, for him.”
Game 4 start allows Scherzer to build strength (
On one hand, team officials downplay the injury. When right shoulder soreness scratched Scherzer from one start after two innings and erased his assignment from another with a week to go in the regular season, he was diagnosed with deltoid soreness, not tendinitis.

"I know everybody keeps talking about that [as a shoulder injury], but it was definitely muscular," team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said last week. "They identified it quickly, so it was really more a matter of making sure he got it where it was rested again.

"Like [doctors] said, it's just like a person that's tired. But I was concerned, as far as getting it up and going again."

Even so, shoulder fatigue is enough for the Tigers to use caution. It's not the injury itself, but the chance that trying to push too hard to pitch through it could lead to something else.

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