Monday, May 7, 2012

HI NOTES: Tigers in the chase?

Mizzou in the Current Big 12 Standings
The top 5 teams play each other over the final two weekends, and the bottom four play each other to finish our the season. Whoever made out theschedule has to be feeling good about himself.

#1 Baylor (18-0) has swept everyone so far, with Oklahoma and Texas left to play in the final two weekends

Tied for 2nd (13-8): Texas A&M, Oklahoma State & Texas. A&M and OSU play each other after a non-conference series next weekend; Texas plays Baylor after a non-conference series next weekend.

#5 Oklahoma (10-10) plays Baylor next weekend to finish out their conference schedule.

#6 Missouri (9-12) plays Memphis next weekend before finishing out their final Big 12 season against Kansas

#7 Texas Tech (6-15) has a finals-week layoff followed by a final series against Kansas State

#8 Kansas (4-13) plays Kansas State and then Missouri

#9 Kansas State (3-15) plays Kansas and then Texas Tech.
♦ Missouri is ranked 91st with an RPI of .532 according to, which is exactly the same ranking the Tigers had going into the series. The Longhorns, however, dropped from 42nd to 50th. Mizzou is 86th in the ISR rankings.
The official NCAA RPI rankings are usually updated sometime on Tuesday.
Opinions and predictions:
  • Missouri has clinched a berth in the Big 12 Tournament.  Even if MU were to be swept by Kansas and if last-place Kansas State were to sweep Kansas and Texas Tech, the Tigers would still win the tourney invite over KSU by virtue of having swept the Wildcats earlier in the season.

  • I'm too lazy to figure out the precise statistics of what the highest or lowest seed Missouri is capable of in the Big 12 Tournament.  It would appear MU could statistically drop to the 8th seed, and they could rise no higher than the 5th seed.

  • "The series victory over Texas moves Missouri to 25-22 overall and 9-12 in the Big 12 Conference and brings the team one step closer to its goal of winning its final three series. Jamieson said he felt the team would need about five more wins to reach the NCAA Tournament." (Columbia Missourian)

  • MU is no longer listed on the RPI Needs Report, which indicates he no longer considers Mizzou to have a statistical chance of earning an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament.

  • On the other hand, Boyd's RPI Needs Report only takes into account the remaining regular season games. If MU were to finish their final seven games strong and then ride momentum deep into the Big 12 Tournament, that could get them into "bubble" status for the final at-large slots in the bracket.

  • This comment from College Baseball Today's Eric Sorenson tells you not only what he thinks about the Longhorns' chances (after Saturday's loss), but says even more about what he would think of the Tigers' chances:

    "Lost 5-4 to Missouri to fall to 27-17. Even though they are still a very positive 13-7 in the Big 12, the Longhorns entered the day with an RPI of No. 44, which is not a comfortable position to be in. A few more losses like today and the UT Orange could get Burnt by the selection committee.

  • From Twitter:
    • Blake Holovach: I don't think I'd be where I am today if I didn't have people tell me I couldn't
    • Kyle Barbeck: Big time series win for us today against Texas. Thanks to all the people who stuck around
    • Ryan Clubb: It's awesome having @mizzoudrumline @marchingmizzou play at our games. Place gets loud. We are 3-0 when they show up. #winkwink

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