Sunday, September 23, 2012

SEC Fan's Guide to Mizzou Baseball: You Might Be a Long Time MU Baseball Fan if . . .

Simmons Field pre-Taylor Stadium
You might be a long-time Mizzou Baseball fan if . . .
  1. You see jersey number 41 on the field and the first name you think of is first baseman Cody Ehlers, not pitcher John Miles.
  2. You show up for a game at Taylor Stadium with the temperature in the 80s and you layered up and  brought an extra jacket
  3. You saw Tiger Baseball games coached by Gene McArtor.  Extra points if you saw John Hi Simmons coach.
  4. You remember Phil Bradley as a hot-hitting outfielder more than as a league-leading quarterback.
  5. You've ever been nervous walking up the rickety stairs to the old pre-Taylor Stadium press box
  6. You've watched a game from under the grandstand during a rain shower
  7. You have listened to someone other than Tex Little do play-by-play of Tiger Baseball on the radio.
  8. You remember when Pietroburgo was a pitcher who was drafted by the Seattle Mariners, not a catcher who became a Mizzou assistant coach
  9. You were a fan of Big 8 baseball.  Extra points if you were a Big 7 or even Big 6 fan.  
SEC Baseball Fan's Guide to
Mizzou Baseball
You might be a Mizzou Baseball newbie if .. .
  1. You show up at a game when the temperature is in the upper 60s, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and are surprised how cold it is.
  2. You park in the middle of the main parking lot so you'll be close to the gate, and then come out to see a baseball-sized hole through the windshield.  Of the car next to yours.  You hope.
  3. You ask, "Who's that guy yelling, Let's Go Mizzou!  Let's Go Mizzou!?"
  4. You believe the Event Staff when they tell you the lower section is only for reserved seat season ticket holders
  5. You're surprised when the Event Staff won't let you take in the sodas you stashed in your bag.  And you haven't learned the tricks for getting them in anyway.
  6. The attendance is over 2,000 and you wonder why the crowd is so small.
  7. You don't get excited when the Tigers beat a bad Kansas Jayhawks team.
  8. The numbers 195415, 33 and 34 mean nothing to you.
  9. You're surprised at how much fun you can have at Simmons Field.

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